What Are the Benefits of Insulation?

Still on the fence about re-insulating your home or commercial building? Wondering if the benefits of insulation are really worth it? First things first—what, exactly, are the benefits of insulation? There are actually a number of advantages of installing insulation.

The benefits of home insulation range from helping reduce your energy bills to making your home more comfortable to reducing indoor inter-floor and outdoor noises. Insulation even offers environmental benefits! If you are looking to insulate your new or pre-existing home, read on to learn more about all the benefits of insulation!

The Many Benefits of Insulation

Whether installed in homes or commercial buildings, insulation offers benefits including:

Increased Home Comfort

Insulation works to reduce heat loss or gain by providing a barrier between areas that are significantly different in temperature. Ideally, properly installed insulation reduces the amount of heat that escapes your home’s interior in the cold winter months. It also protects your home from getting too warm in the summer months (by keeping cool, air conditioned air inside your home). An efficiently insulated home maintains a comfortable temperature all year round, no matter how sweltering the heat or harsh the cold.


When properly installed, insulation can effectively reduce the amount of noise that travels into and throughout your home, keeping it more peaceful and quiet. Insulation, particularly cellulose and fiberglass, acts as an excellent sound absorber. It can assist in reducing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors.

Significant Energy Savings

Because insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter (preventing heat from escaping) and cooler in the summer (preventing heat from leaking in), you should see a significant decrease in your energy bills. Your heating and air conditioning units won’t have to work as hard to maintain an even temperature throughout your home. Insulation has been proven to reduce home energy heating and cooling bills by over 40 percent—that’s a huge difference!

Eco-Friendly Aspects

When there is less need for heating and cooling in your home, non-renewable resources are saved, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. You can save and go green when you install insulation in your home.

In addition, several different types of insulation contain earth-friendly content. Certain types of batt insulation are made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton. Loose-fill cellulose insulation is made up of recycled newspapers treated with natural chemicals to make it fire resistant, and it is also formaldehyde-free. Some forms of spray foam insulation are made from natural soy and are formaldehyde-free as well.

Consult with an insulation specialist to learn about the different forms of insulation and what is best for your situation.

Moisture control

When paired with proper air sealing techniques, insulation can help control water in your home, even in the spaces where moisture most commonly gathers, such as attics or basements. Maintaining efficient moisture control contributes in part to your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency.

As you can see, there are many benefits of insulation! To learn more, or if you’re ready to start your insulation installation project in the Rochester or Syracuse, NY areas, contact MIG Building Systems today!