At MIG Building Systems, we want to keep you updated on our favorite building products so you can keep your New York home in the best condition throughout the year. We feature a different product each month, and for February–we have chosen Helmet Heat®. Keep reading to learn more about this product.

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What Is Helmet Heat®?

A self-regulating gutter heating element that can be installed on both new and existing gutters with a Gutter Helmet® gutter cover system, Helmet Heat helps protect against frost erosion and other ice and snow damage. It features an exposed conductive core that increases it heat output as the temperature drops and decreases output when the temperature rises, helping ensure optimal energy efficiency and safety. And it does all this without being an eyesore—the cable is hidden underneath the Gutter Helmet, and no monitoring is necessary.

The Benefits of Helmet Heat®

This gutter heating coil offers numerous benefits—Helmet Heat® helps:

  • Save you money with its energy-efficient operation. (Unlike store-bought gutter heating tape, Helmet Heat® is self-regulating. This means that as the temperatures drop, it responds by heating up, and as the mercury rises, the cable cools down.)
  • Prevent icicle and ice dam damage (which can be inconvenient and costly)
  • Protect your home from structural damage
  • And more!

Schedule Helmet Heat® Installation in Upstate NY

If you’re interested in installing the Helmet Heat® gutter heater, contact MIG Building Systems today. Together with Gutter Helmet®, the Helmet Heat® gutter heating tape has been providing peace of mind for over 30 years and can help protect your home and save you money year after year!

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