MIG Building Systems was recently recognized by Gutter Helmet at the National Dealer Meeting for officially launching the Helmet Heat product! By adding this gutter heating system, MIG is now able to provide consumers with a complete package for leaf and ice gutter protection.

MIG Building Systems gutter helmet award heat helmet product

This exciting new launch has helped drive new business for the MIG Building Systems. In fact, the company has been very successful not only with Helmet Heat but with the associated increases in Gutter Helmet installations as well!

gutter helmet new product achievement award

Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat Services with MIG

The total package of Gutter Helmet combined with Helmet Heat has delivered the region’s premier solution to homeowners in the Upstate New York area. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning and clearing your gutters of leaves and ice in the years to come, these products may be perfect for you!

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