Have you been trying to decide whether to make the switch from a shower curtain to a shower door (or vice versa)? Should you get a shower door or a shower curtain? Is one better than the other?

Shower doors and curtains both have their advantages. The one you get will largely be determined by your preferences and priorities!

A Shower Curtain vs. Shower Door

Which one should you get? There are a few things to consider:

What Is Your Current Bathroom Setup?

Do you have a shower stall or a shower/bathtub combination? A door is typically installed for a shower stall, but a combination works with both a door and a curtain. It just depends on your aesthetic preferences and priorities.

Benefits of Shower Doors


Although shower doors cost more than shower curtains, their aesthetic appeal is much greater. Shower doors—particularly a frameless one—can add unique beauty and elegance to any space. They tend to look better in a more high-end, elegant bathroom, whereas a curtain may work well if you want a cozy, informal atmosphere or a beach theme in the bathroom.

Shower doors can also help a room look more spacious, which is ideal in small bathrooms.

Benefits of Shower Curtains

  • Cost
  • Privacy


Shower curtains are cheaper and may be the better choice if you want a shower or tub enclosure that is private (although many types of shower door glass can also help increase privacy).

Shower Curtain or Shower Door: What Should You Get?

In summary, if a lower cost is your top priority or if you want a more informal bathroom space, a shower curtain makes more sense.

Do you want something a bit more high-end and attractive? You have many options with a shower door. If you have a small bathroom, a shower door can also help the space appear larger.

When it comes to cleaning, shower curtains and shower doors are pretty much equal. Both can develop mold and mildew and need to be cleaned on a regular basis to look good.

Shower Door Installation in Upstate New York

MIG Building Systems installs shower doors and enclosures for homeowners in Rochester, Syracuse and surrounding areas, and we can help you determine which kind is best for you. We’ll make sure you get a shower door that meets your needs, stylistic preferences and budget! We offer a variety of shower door styles and sizes, both frameless and framed. No matter your shower door needs in the Upstate New York area, MIG is a good name to know.

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