Small Closet Organization Tips

Do you have a small closet that just never seems to stay organized? This is frustrating—but the problem can be fixed with a good custom design and organization! Stylish, well-designed systems allow you to transform any closet or space—coat closet, mud room, kitchen pantry, etc.—into an attractive, organized area.

Bedroom closets, kitchen pantries, and coat closets tend to be the smallest spaces, and although organizing small spaces may seem frustrating, it’s all about maximizing the space you do have. This often means building up rather than out.

In addition to using vertical space, other small closet organization tips and solutions for both closets and kitchen pantries include:

  • Tall, narrow shelving systems
  • Pull-outs that save space
  • Pull-out wine racks
  • Vertical try dividers
  • Space-saving belt and tie racks
  • Thin vacuum-seal bags (perfect for storing off-season clothes)

With the right custom closet design and organizers, it’s easy to not only save space but also save you from having to root through a messy, cluttered closet to find a single pair of pants.

Small Closet Organization from MIG

MIG Building Systems offers many solutions to help you battle your cluttered, disorganized closets—such as high-quality shelving, tie and belt racks, jewelry drawers and insets, dividers and more. However, our services extend beyond just offering you products! We use a computerized design program that enables you to envision the proposed layout. We’ll actually analyze your space and help you create a custom design that suits your personal tastes and fits in with the rest of your home. On average, our custom closet designs and organization solutions can increase the amount of storage space by over 75 percent.

Contact us today to learn more or if you need help with small closet organization in your home and want to get started!