It’s never a fun situation when it’s a 15-degree winter day and the power goes out. The one thing on your mind is staying warm—the cold weather here in Upstate New York is no joke. If you have a gas fireplace and the right batteries, you can warm up without bundling up in your heavy coat and burying yourself under blankets!

The video below is a demonstration of how to turn on your Heatilator gas fireplace when the electricity is out. It’s a quick and easy process.

  1. Open the fireplace door and remove the access panel.
  2. Find the battery tray (under the fire box).
  3. Pull out the battery tray so it’s on the hearth and insert the correct batteries.
  4. Put the battery tray back under the fire box.
  5. Turn on the fireplace. (Some fireplace remotes may not work on battery power—if this is the case, switch the black box’s mode from “remote” to “on.”)

For more details—and a demonstration—watch the video:

Remember to remove batteries from the battery tray when power comes back on and set them aside where you’ll remember for future use.

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