Gutter Helmet Story


The First. The Best. The world’s #1 Gutter Protection System.

The origin of Gutter Helmet dates back to the 1960’s, when Mr. Bob Demartini first developed his ideas for a solid, meshless cover for roof gutters. Mr. Demartini, an MIT alumnus, had extensive credentials and experience in new product development from his early years with General Electric and from his thirty-plus years as an executive with Huyck Corporation. After his retirement in 1979, development began in earnest on the Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System, and Mr. Demartini was rewarded for his years of product development by the granting of three U.S. Patents.

In the early eighties, Mr. Demartini began manufacturing and marketing his patented gutter protection products in North Carolina and surrounding states. Several years of growing sales volume attracted the interests of the Masco Corporation, a large building material supplier (Delta Faucet, Merillat Cabinets, etc). Mr. Demartini sold his assets to the Masco Corporation and licensed the exclusive rights to his patents.

Gutter Helmet was formally launched on the U.S. east coast in the fall of 1981. The Masco Corporation acquired patent rights to Gutter Helmet in 1989. In 2001, Gutter Helmet was purchased by Hart & Cooley. On September 16, 2005, Southeastern Metals Manufacturing Co. (SEMCO) acquired Gutter Helmet. SEMCO, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, is a division of Gibraltar Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of building products. Since its introduction, hundreds of thousands of homes have been protected with a professionally installed Gutter Helmet system.

With over twenty years of experience and 80,000,000+ feet of installed sales, Gutter Helmet is the recognized pioneer and leader in the gutter protection industry. A total commitment to the professional dealer network, coupled with an ongoing history of product innovation and refinement (five patents granted, two pending and one provisional), plus the extraordinary untapped potential of this technology, promises a future of continued achievement and growth. Gutter Helmet is truly, and rightfully, The Best Gutter Protection System in the World.