Insulation for Home Remodeling in Upstate New York


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EcoTouch™ Insulation

We now offer Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation – the greenest insulation on the market. You can learn more about EcoTouch here.

Fiberglass Batts & Loose Fill Insulation

MIG relies on the trusted Owens Corning Pink Panther brand for its long-standing quality fiberglass and loose-fill insulation products.

Fiberglass & loose-fill insulation is very easy to install and extremely cost effective. Plus, the high R-values provide the desirable levels of protection for your home.

There are many benefits in choosing the batts & loose-fill fiberglass option to insulate your home:

    • It is a non-corrosive insulation option that doesn’t require fire-retardant chemicals which corrode pipe & metal.
    • It is also non-combustible – meeting all required model building codes.
    • The glass fibers resist moisture, which is important for maintaining insulation effectiveness.
    • It does not support mold growth, so it will prevent the insulation from decaying over time.
    • Air sealing.

Icynene Insulation System

You may not know it, but your high heating and cooling bills are in large part due to energy lost from air leakage – 31% of all air leakage can be attributed to walls, floors and ceilings. Conventional, air permeable fiber insulation, regardless of R-value, will have its performance compromised by any gaps and seams where air can get in and out.

More than just insulation, Icynene spray foam has been tested to the ASTM E283 protocol and validated as an air barrier material. It expands into cracks, crevices and gaps to reduce air leaks thus providing a more energy efficient and ultimately healthier home.

With both light and medium density products that are classified as both insulation and air barrier materials, Icynene has a solution to meet the needs of almost any residential or commercial structure in becoming more energy efficient and less susceptible to airborne moisture, pollutants or allergens. Your walls, floors and ceilings are talking—and they are demanding Icynene spray foam insulation solutions.

image of Icynene Airleaks

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is the most affordable insulation solution for existing homes.

At MIG, our insulation contractors understand that existing homes need quality, cost effective insulation solutions as well. Cellulose insulation is sprayed or blown into walls, providing your home with a seamless insulation system solution.

Benefits of choosing Cellulose Insulation include:

    • Environmentally friendly–this insulation is made from recycled materials
    • Energy Star rated–helps you save money and increase energy efficiency in your home
    • Improve heating and cooling while also added a sound proofing quality to noisy walls

Insulsmart Foam Wall Insulation

image of installation of Insulsmart Spray FoamInsulsmart is another one of MIG’s excellent insulation solutions for existing homes.

Whether your home is insulated, or poorly insulated, Insulsmart can help maximize the R-value of your walls. Our experienced Insulsmart team prevents air infiltration by sealing all wall cracks and crevices where air can enter or leave your home. Insulsmart foamed-in-place insulation solution will pay for itself by showing you a significant reduction in your utility bills.

Insulsmart has many credible benefits:

  • Insulsmart installation is fast and easy to install; typically completed in a few short hours.
  • Because it can be installed from the outside, there is no need for our Insulsmart insulation contractors to tear apart the inside of your home.
  • Insulsmart is non-flammable, adding safety to your home; it also acts as an effective pest barrier keeping them from entering through the insulation into your home.
  • Many customers find that Insulsmart reduces noise in their household – a 45-50 db reduction on average. It’s a great solution for noisy walls.
  • Insulsmart’s insulation is non-toxic and guaranteed to be safe for the environment.

Take a look at our video below to learn about our different home remodeling insulation options!

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