Air leaks can undermine the energy efficiency of a home and end up costing homeowners a lot of extra money. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize the energy efficiency of your home and save money. Installing spray foam insulation is a great way to do this—and MIG Building Systems insulates homes throughout Irondequoit, New York with spray foam.

Not only is spray foam insulation easy to install and energy-saving, it offers numerous benefits, from higher comfort to air sealing.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation:

Promotes better indoor air quality: Spray foam insulation minimizes the amount of air pollutants and allergens in your home.

Creates a quieter home interior: Like other types of insulation, spray foam can reduce noises from outside and between different levels and rooms inside. This creates a quiet, more peaceful indoor environment in your home.

Helps air seal your home: Able to fill irregular spaces, spray foam insulation is good at sealing small cracks and crevices in any area. It can easily be installed between floor joists and around piping, wiring and ductwork.

Increases comfort levels: By eliminating drafts and condensation, spray foam makes your home more comfortable all year long. It can also reduce the amount of pollen, dust and other small debris in your home.

Improves AC and furnace efficiency: Spray foam insulation helps keep your home at more comfortable temperatures and reduces drafts, so your AC and furnace don’t have to work as hard.  

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Serving Irondequoit

MIG Building Systems has been offering insulation services throughout Upstate New York, including Irondequoit, for almost 40 years. Whether you live in Bayview, Newport, White City or anywhere else, our professionals can help.

We offer Icynene Spray Foam, which has been tested and confirmed as an effective air barrier material for both new construction and re-insulation jobs. It expands into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices and reduces air leaks to provide you with the highest levels of energy efficiency and comfort.

If you’re looking for an insulation company that serves the Irondequoit area, contact MIG today!