Why Is There Standing Water in my Gutters?

Gutter-CleaningYour gutter and downspout system’s job is to channel rainwater away from your home—so standing water in your gutters isn’t normal and could indicate a major problem.

Because your gutters help protect your home against basement flooding, foundation leaks, mold growth and other problems, it’s imperative that you fix any problems—even if they are seemingly insignificant—right away! Standing water in your gutters needs to be handled immediately.


Common Causes of Clogged Gutters

If there’s standing water in your gutters, it could indicate a clog. A number of different things can cause your gutters to clog up, including:

  • Leaves, pine needles, etc.
  • Sticks, twigs and small tree branches
  • Animal nests
  • Tennis or golf balls
  • Small toys

Unfortunately, clogs in the downspouts sometimes can’t be seen and can be more difficult to detect, but that’s what gutter professionals are for! If left unfixed, the clogs in your gutters or downspouts can lead to other problems that can end up costing you more money, so no matter what kind of problem you’re experiencing, call us right away.

Problems Standing Water in Gutters Can Cause

As if basement flooding, foundation leaks, and mold growth aren’t worrisome enough, here are a few more issues standing gutter water can cause:

  • In the summer, standing water in your gutters will attract mosquitos—and lots of them!
  • Birds will frequent your gutters to snack on mosquitos, leaving behind their waste. Soon, your gutters will become a pool of bacteria.
  • In the winter, standing water in your gutters will become ice pockets, causing replacement-worthy damages.
  • And more!

How to Remove Standing Water from Gutters

It’s important to clear the gutter as quickly as possible in order to avoid the potential damages mentioned above.

To clean your gutters, follow these steps:

  1. Located and clean any debris from the gutters.
  2. Use a garden hose to flush out clogged areas.
  3. If water is still not draining through the downspout, remove it and use a plumbing snake to remove any hidden clogs.

If the steps above do not eliminate standing water in your gutters or you’re uncomfortable climbing a ladder, give our experts a call. We can quickly inspect and diagnose your gutter issue.

Contact MIG Building Systems for Gutter Replacement & Gutter Guards for Your Rochester or Syracuse, NY Home

To fix standing water in your gutters and get your system working properly again, repair is needed—but full gutter replacement may also be recommended. MIG Building Systems helps homeowners in Rochester, Syracuse and surrounding areas in Upstate New York, so contact us if you have standing water in your gutters!