Whether you are looking to air seal an existing home, or are seeking air sealing for a newly constructed home, MIG’s air sealing experts can provide you with the quality products and service you need. Talk to one of our home air sealing specialists today to learn how beneficial proper air sealing can be.

Benefits of Air Sealing

When your home is not properly sealed, air leakage – or infiltration – occurs as air enters your home through cracks and openings. Air infiltration can lead to outrageously high heating and cooling costs. When your home is not properly air sealed, it can also contribute to problems with moisture control, mold growth and musty air. Properly air sealing your home can lead to significantly reduced heating and cooling costs, plus improved building durability and an overall healthier indoor environment.

Sometimes air leaks and drafts are easy to locate. In areas such as windows and doors, they are especially easy to detect. However, in other areas of your home – such as the attic, basement or crawl space – leaks are much harder to find. Hiring an expert to air seal these hard-to-reach leakage areas with caulk, spray foam or weathering strips will have the greatest impact and help improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Air Sealing in Rochester & Syracuse, NY

Oftentimes, there are concerns about whether a house is sealed too tightly. There is a certain amount of fresh air that is needed for good indoor quality, with specifications for the minimum available. In older homes, this problem isn’t as common. However, if you have questions about the quality of the air in your home, contact an air sealing specialist from MIG today and we’ll help determine the right option for your home.

Home Air Sealing & Insulation

When paired with properly installed insulation, proper air sealing increases your home’s energy efficiency and comfort even more. It is extremely important that any air leaks in your walls are sealed up before insulation is installed – once air escapes your walls, you will see a significant increase in your home’s energy usage, regardless of the insulation you installed. MIG offers different types of insulation, whether it’s re-insulation, new home insulation or existing home insulation.

Contact an MIG insulation specialist to learn more about pairing the right insulation with proper air sealing to protect your home today!