When it comes to making your home more comfortable and keeping your energy bills down, few things have as much impact as insulation. But what type of insulation is best for your needs? How to do costs compare? And how much insulation do you need? You should access the best insulation resources to answer these questions.

Check Our FAQs

At MIG Building Systems, we make it our priority to educate our customers on the best types of insulation for their needs. We recognize that one type of insulation isn’t best for every situation, and we understand that not all homeowners know a lot about insulation.

That’s why we put together an insulation FAQs page. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about insulation, including where and how much to insulate, what “R-value” means, and whether you should re-insulate your existing home.

While you’re on the FAQs page, you can learn answers to questions regarding other services we offer at MIG Building Systems, including shower door replacement, closet organization, fireplace installation and home energy efficiency assessments.

Check the Energy.gov Website

Energy.gov, which is run by the US Department of Energy, has plenty of insulation resources to help you make wise decisions for your home. Learn about what types of insulation work in which places, what materials make the best insulation, how to insulate a new home and how to add insulation to an existing home.

The insulation resources from energy.gov can help you save energy while making your home more comfortable. You can also use this website for other energy-saving tips related to water heating, lighting, home heating and cooling, windows and doors, and renewable energy sources.

Insulation Installation in Upstate New York

As an experienced home insulation company, we have the knowledge necessary to answer all your remaining questions. Perhaps you have a specific concern about your home that you can’t find the answer to online. Or maybe you want advice straight from an expert’s mouth.

If you decide to make use of our insulation services in the Rochester and Syracuse areas, please request a consultation from MIG Building Systems today.