Looking for a gutter heating system to help prevent ice dams and other problems? Gutter Helmet’s Helmet Heat® may be the product you’re looking for. To get in touch with Helmet Heat® installers in the Rochester, New York area, contact MIG Building Systems.

Keep reading to learn more about Helmet Heat®!

What is Helmet Heat®?

Helmet Heat® is a self-regulating gutter heating element that can be installed on both new and existing gutters with a Gutter Helmet® gutter cover system.

How does Helmet Heat® work?

It features an exposed conductive core that increases heat output as the temperature drops and decreases output when the temperature rises, helping ensure optimal energy efficiency and safety.

What kinds of damages are caused by ice dams?

Ice dams can block your gutters and drains. This blockage prevents water from flowing properly, and can allow it to seep into your home, causing extensive damage to your roof and your home’s interior.

What are some benefits of Helmet Heat®?

Helmet Heat® can help:

  • Save you money with its energy-efficient operation
  • Prevent icicle and ice dam damage
  • Protect your home from structural damage


Do you install Helmet Heat®?

Yes! At MIG Building Systems, we have the experience and expertise to install Helmet Heat® on your gutter system

Do you offer gutter replacement?

Yes we do. If your gutters are already damaged, we can replace them with one of our top quality products.

Do you offer gutter repairs?

Yes. Sometimes, your gutters can be repaired without requiring a full replacement. We have the resources and knowledge to perform thorough repairs for your damaged gutters.

Helmet Heat® Gutter Heating System Installation in Upstate NY

If you’re interested in installing the Helmet Heat® gutter heater, contact MIG Building Systems today. Together with Gutter Helmet®, the Helmet Heat® gutter heating tape can help protect your home and save you money.

Contact us online or by phone at 888-397-0988 to schedule your Helmet Heat® installation in the Upstate New York area!