Fireplace Installers in Upstate New York

Gas-Fireplace-1Let MIG’s hearth experts design an affordable hearth solution for your home.

With the right fireplace, your home’s interior can be completely transformed. Not only does a fireplace help keep you warm during cold, snowy nights (and we get our fair share of these here in Upstate New York), but it can also enhance any room and serve as a beautiful focal point.

If you need fireplace installers in the Rochester and Syracuse area, MIG Building Systems can help. We offer:

  • Direct-vent gas fireplaces (and inserts)
  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Vented gas fireplace logs
  • Fireplace surrounds and mantels
  • Fireplace inspection and cleaning

The Heatilator fireplaces we offer are beautiful and can complement any home! In short, we can install the fireplace you’ve always wanted—and ensure it stays clean, helping keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Installation

Are you interested in installing a new direct-vent gas fireplace in your home? A direct-vent gas fireplace doesn’t require a chimney—this type of fireplace can be vented directly through a wall or roof. It draws combustion air from outside and vents outside.

Direct-vent gas fireplaces from MIG are vented through the exterior wall of your home and cased in a beautiful marble surround with a wood mantel. Learn more about our direct-vent fireplaces from Heatilator, a top manufacturer in the fireplace industry.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

Although not as efficient and low-maintenance as direct-vent gas fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces have their own advantages. Almost nothing is as warm and inviting as a traditional fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces:

  • Are cozy and charming
  • Can add market value to your home
  • Come in a variety of styles and designs

With a Heatilator wood burning fireplace installed by MIG, you can enjoy classic masonry looks and performance without the high cost of a custom-built fireplace. Some people like traditional fireplaces—including going out to the woodpile in the backyard—and we can install one for you that the whole family can enjoy for years!

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Fireplace in Your Home?

“Why should I install a fireplace in my home?” Have you asked yourself this question? Maybe the idea of adding a new element like a fireplace seems exciting, but you just don’t know what you stand to gain from it. Well, there are many benefits that stem from installing a fireplace in your home.

  • A fireplace adds warmth and comfort. What’s better than the comfort of a soft, warm fire after a long day at work or a fun afternoon in the snow? A fireplace can turn an ordinary living room into a peaceful place to relax.
  • A fireplace makes for eye-catching decor. Fill that blank wall or empty spot in your living area with a new fireplace. Adding a new focal point in your home will invite guests in and entice them to stay!
  • A fireplace represents togetherness. The crackling of a fire can invoke nostalgia and allow you to think back on a simpler time. A new fireplace creates a comforting environment where memories can be made.
  • A fireplace increases your home’s resale value. If it comes time for you to move on from your current home, you can count on a fireplace to help you gain more on the market.

Fireplace Safety

Whether you install a gas or wood burning fireplace, safety is always important. Some fireplace safety tips include:

  • Supervising children and the elderly around fireplaces
  • Being aware of hot surfaces and waiting for them to cool down before allowing anyone near them
  • Keeping remote controls out of the reach of children
  • Getting your wood burning fireplace inspected annually (creosote buildup in chimneys can be dangerous)

Let MIG’s expert fireplace installers give you a beautiful fireplace that will enhance your home, keep you warm all winter long and help you and your family create many memories! Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.