Heatilator Fireplaces

Do you want to install a new fireplace in your home? If you live in Upstate New York, MIG Building Systems can help!

We offer beautiful, durable and energy-efficient fireplaces from Heatilator, a renowned manufacturer in the industry. They offer a range of fireplaces and fireplace products (like gas fireplace inserts) to meet every need and complement any home décor and style.

Heatilator Products

Heatilator makes both wood burning and gas fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

Heatilator gas fireplaces provide a traditional look with a touch of modern elegance. With the available remote controlled option, you can combine style and convenience in one system. Their gas fireplaces:

  • Offer high-efficiency heating
  • Are simple to operate
  • Have realistic logs
  • Feature an authentic masonry look
  • Come available with a number of finishing options
  • Have expansive viewing areas

Features may vary depending on the model.

From small to see-through to multi-sided, there are different styles and sizes of gas fireplaces to meet every need and design taste!

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Wood Burning Fireplaces

Heatilator’s wood burning fireplaces are just as beautiful as the gas units—they’re built to be not only attractive but practical and high-quality as well. These products come in a variety of styles and sizes and can even bring a rustic touch to your home. Their wood burning fireplaces:

  • Are EPA-certified
  • Are clean-burning
  • Have a custom-built masonry appearance
  • Feature large viewing areas
  • Have an aesthetically pleasing louvered style
  • Offer long-lasting value and performance
  • Are available with optional bi-fold doors
  • Have insulated fireboxes

Features may vary depending on the model.

You have many different choices when it comes to choosing a wood burning fireplace from Heatilator—see-through units, large fireplaces, small fireplaces, etc. It all depends on your design preferences!

About Heatilator

When Heatilator introduced the first zero-clearance fireplace over 30 years ago, they changed the concept of fireplace installation and have continued to build high-quality home heating products. They promise—and deliver—reliable heat and steadfast value.

Heatilator is also a preferred brand among homebuilders, who select Heatilator because they know that the brand helps ensure many years of comfort and reliability. Heatilator continues to build products that are both affordable and dependable.

The Heatilator Advantage

As one of the most recognized brands in fireplaces today, Heatilator fireplaces boast several key advantages:

  • Fireplaces for every budget
  • Very low service calls compared with other brands
  • The energy-conserving Intellifire pilot ignition system
  • Direct vent technology, which means the fireplaces uses outside air for combustion, which means that all exhaust and by-products are expelled

Learn more about Heatilator’s energy-conserving Intellifire pilot ignition system here:

Want to Install a Heatilator Fireplace?

If you need a wood burning or gas fireplace for your home in Upstate New York, you may be considering a Heatilator product! MIG can help. For many years, our professionals have served the Rochester and Syracuse areas.

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