Home Reinsulation in Upstate New York

Are you looking to make your home as energy-efficient as possible? Give yourself a fresh start with a reinsulation solution. If you live in the Syracuse or Rochester area, look no further than MIG Building Systems. We have all your reinsulation, or existing home insulation, needs covered!

Rather than just adding another layer of fiberglass or foam to your existing insulation, reinsulation from MIG is a thorough multi-step assessment and installation program that addresses all the issues that can cause your home to be less efficient than it should be. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 888-397-0988 or fill out a contact form today!

Our Reinsulation Process

We start by removing all of the old insulation you currently have installed. Our experienced insulation contractors conduct a blower door test to measure air tightness and identify any spots where there is air leakage in the home. By sealing these trouble spots, we lay the foundation for a much more efficient insulation solution.

Once your house has been properly air sealed, our experts work with you to determine the best choice for new insulation. We install all types of home insulation, including:

When the reinsulation project is complete, your home will be as well insulated and energy-efficient as a new home, and you’ll enjoy the comfort and savings of a house that is properly prepared for our brutal winters and hot summers here in Upstate New York!

Signs You Need Reinsulation

If you’re trying to determine whether your home has adequate insulation, it’s a good idea to look for the many signs of a problem controlling heat, air and moisture infiltration. With good insulation you shouldn’t see these issues, barring a problem in other areas like your weatherproofing or your HVAC system.

  • Fluctuating temperatures and drafts: If you have problems with draftiness or with rooms rapidly changing from hot to cold or vice versa, you likely have insulation problems.
  • Unusually high energy use: If your power bills are creeping higher each year despite relatively similar temperatures — or have always been high despite good HVAC systems — your insulation is a likely culprit.
  • Interior surfaces feel damp or too hot/cold: If your walls, floors or ceiling feel damp or if you feel the exterior temperature radiating through, then you have insulation issues in that area.
  • Certain rooms uncomfortable: If certain rooms are always uncomfortable, and it’s not due to an HVAC obstruction or balancing issue, then insulation is a likely reason. This is especially true for rooms with exterior walls, rooms connected to a poorly insulated attic, or rooms above a poorly insulated basement or crawl space.
  • Ice dams on the edge of your roof: In the winter, heavy ice formation at the edge of your roof can indicate that heat is leaking through your attic and melting snow; the runoff then refreezes as it gets away from the heat toward the edge of your roof.
  • Pipes freezing: Pipes freezing, especially in your walls, can be a big red flag for poor insulation and a sign you need to reinsulate soon. This represents more than just a risk to your comfort and energy efficiency: It can lead to major damage to your home that can prove difficult or impossible to completely repair.
  • Pests inside: Pests inside can be indicative of problems with moisture infiltration, easy traversal from your exterior walls to the interior of your home, mold growth, etc., all of which can in turn indicate problems with your home’s insulation.

If you’ve noticed some of these signs you need reinsulation, don’t hesitate. Get started on a retrofit insulation project with MIG Building Systems today by dialing 888-397-0988 or by contacting us online.

Benefits of Reinsulation

There are many benefits of installing existing home insulation to increase your energy efficiency efforts. In addition to helping you save on your energy bills, re-insulation can help:

  • Make your home more comfortable year-round
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace
  • Increase the market value of your home (buyers place a high value on energy efficiency)
  • Reduce outside noises and noises between different rooms and levels inside your house

You can also save up to $500 on your taxes when you add insulation to your home.

Read more about insulation tax incentives here.


Reinsulation Services in Syracuse & Rochester, NY

When you need insulation installation in Upstate New York, rest assured MIG has you covered! Our team takes pride in being part of the Installed Building Products (IBP) family because we can offer services and products few other companies in the area can match. Get started by calling 888-397-0988 today!